Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road

A Collaborative Post with Sherry Marquez     Our first day in Melbourne started off with a breakfast by the river at Anglesea, a seaside village situated just before the Great Ocean Road.… Continue reading

Yangon, Myanmar

“What does Burma have to give the United States? We can give you the opportunity to engage with people who are ready and willing to change a society.” -Aung San Suu Kyi  … Continue reading

Bagan: A Collaborative Post

Words by Anna Aclan     Travelling to Myanmar particularly to Yangon (former Rangoon) and Bagan has exceeded my expectations regarding this trip. Though pictures look magnificent in the Internet, being there and… Continue reading

Dubai: Skyline and Sand Dunes

                                                                 … Continue reading

Taiwan: A Collaborative Post

 Words by Jeremiah Juliano     There are places that you reach by accident, but make you want to stay on purpose.

Seoul: Captured in 12 Photos

Lost in the jungle of LED displays and century-old temples

The Streets of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur + Malacca


“Frogfishes, members of the group known as anglerfishes, are usually provided with a “fishing pole,” tipped with a fleshy “bait,” located on the snout and derived from the first dorsal fin spine. This… Continue reading

Jeju Island: Between the Sky and the Sea


Field of Dreams

A Porcelain Crab shies away from the limelight. Taken at the Twin Rocks in Anilao, Batangas.

Ormoc: A Year after the Storm

Months have passed since Haiyan (Yolanda) devastated the Leyte province, life goes on for the people of Ormoc.            

Siargao: Caught in a Summer Swell

“One day I’m going to tame those waves.” -The Dreamer

The Epic Adventure Photo Competition

Wild   Fast   Panoramic   Epic

El Nido: There and Back Again

When one slice of heaven won’t suffice, you just have to experience it twice.

Port Barton: Off the Beaten Path

Because an unpaved road leads to an unspoiled beauty…

The Beauty of Apo Island


Siquijor: White Sand, Black Magic

Island of the friendly witches

Batanes: In Temporal Isolation

The Sea, The Stone, The Sky, and the Summit                  

Eternal Witness


Bali: Every Diver’s Dream

An encounter with the Mantas and the Mola Mola on the Island of the Gods.

India: Beyond Bollywood

One day in India is more than enough for one to realize the harsh reality happening in this country. Behind the colorful lights and the lovely sounds of Bollywood, a great divide between… Continue reading

Italia: Home of the Great Heritage

The first part of my “Eat, Pray, Dive” journey

Sabang, Puerto Galera

Weekend dive at Kilima Bay and Monkey Beach

Mt. Pulag: Chasing the Sea of Clouds

I’ve witnessed countless sunsets on many of my travels. But never have I really tried waking up at dawn just to catch the sun’s first glimpse.

Anilao: Diving into a Macro Haven

Beneath the waves is a city of solitude; a temporal place so long as you carry air.

Baler: Embracing the Northern Waves

A weekend of Sun, Sand, and Surf!

Bolinao: How to Find Yourself in Paradise

1. Imagine grains of powdery, white sand between your toes.

Pico de Loro

An enchanting find at the foot of “Parrot’s Beak”


Images from the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta



Beauty | Ferocity

Nature never fails to fascinate.


 Another year blooms!

Ilocos Norte

Eleven hours of non-stop driving. A thousand kilometers back and forth. Six cups of coffee. And one unforgettable journey.

The Colors of Christmas

Nothing beats walking around at Christmas night with a camera in your hand and a tripod on your shoulder. 😉

10 Reasons Why “Commuting” is More Fun in the Philippines

Getting around Manila is definitely one of the horrors most foreign tourists face

Flight Plan


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

The year isn’t over yet. But I must say it has been a tough time for me

Travel Theme: Liquid

Who needs the beach when you can ride the rapids?

Camiguin: Island of the Seven Flames

An island of 7 volcanoes, of raging waterfalls, of black sand beaches, and of scattered springs.

Travel Theme: Mystical

Here lies a path to an otherworldly journey…

Bukidnon: Nothing But Natural High

Past Del Monte’s wide area of Pineapple Fields, right at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad, adrenaline rush awaits the adventurous.

Banaue: Stairway of the Gods

Sitting on the mountains, and shrouded in mist, a breathtaking beauty lies for over 2,000 years.  

Travel Theme: Texture


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Travel Theme: Red

I know it’s too early for Christmas. But I just can’t stop myself from posting this one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

Puerto Princesa: City in a Forest

Lush tropical rainforests. Colorful and diverse marine life. White, powdery beaches. And a city at the heart of the country’s Last Frontier.  

Travel Theme: Silhouette

  “Wherever there is light, there is shadow;

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